Ford Mustang Fastback 1968

The Immortal King Ford Mustang Fastback 1968 is back! The owner allowed him a total renovation with the engine 289 and the automatic transmission C4. All in the style of the GT version. And that’s a combination that made him a remarkable piece of it.

The overhaul of the engine has done its own. Fastback got an unreal torque. A sports cam was used, sport suction with four-chamber carburettor, all from renowned manufacturers Edelbrock and Holley.
To achieve maximum performance, the engine was tuned and adjusted to the engine brake where the power output was 254 hp.

Beauty in every detail

While Mustang is not a Miss, we finally gave him an intense beautifying bark. The exterior has been embroidered into the GT version with the maximum possible accessory kit.

The bodywork lacquer is individually chosen by the client when a black metallic paint with admixture of red pearls is used for the base of the paintwork. The Mustang is built on the Torq-Trust II wheels and BF Goodrich tires.

The interior is styled in black with a Deluxe design with a center and ceiling bracket, the seats are fitted with a sports fit with custom-fit seams combined with shiny and polished black leather with red stitching.